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Best Water Filtration in Elizabeth City, NC

It’s no secret, city water is often full of chemicals that we shouldn’t be putting in our bodies.

In the short term these chemicals may not be too harmful, but in the long run they can cause all kinds of problems.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth City’s water is certainly no exception.

Fortunately, water filtration can help get rid of many of the carcinogens found in Elizabeth City’s water.

From fluoride, to chemicals even scientists can’t pronounce. Lets take a look at the best water filtration systems in Elizabeth City, NC.

What Water Filtration in Elizabeth City is Best?

As a plumbing company in Elizabeth City, NC we have seen it all.

To understand what type of water filtration will work best for your home, we need to take a look at the 3 most popular water filter options we offer.

After that you can be better informed about which type/s of water filter you would like to get installed. If your water comes from Elizabeth City’s Water Treatment Facility, you will definitely want to read this carefully.

Let’s take a look at the 3 best water filtration options for Elizabeth City’s water.

Activated Carbon Water Filtration

“Protect your plumbing system with a carbon water filter”

Activated charcoal water filters are perhaps one of the most popular water filters there is. With good reason too!

An activated charcoal filter is typically installed as a whole house water filter. As a result, activated charcoal filtration can keep harmful additives out of your entire plumbing system.

Which can mean a longer life for all off your plumbing appliances such as your water heater. Installing a whole house carbon filter can save you money on plumbing repairs, which can make it an excellent addition to a home you plan to live in for decades to come.

Better yet, activated charcoal filters can eliminate many of the harmful chemicals that may be left in your water.

Here’s the catch, there are a number chemicals that activated charcoals can not remove. Which brings us to the reverse osmosis filter.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

“Filter out harmful chemicals with a reverse osmosis filter”

If you want to eliminate harmful chemicals from your drinking water, reverse osmosis filtration is you best bet.

Unlike carbon based filtration, reverse osmosis filters are typically installed at the tap you plan to use potable water from. Typically the kitchen sink.

Although reverse osmosis will not keep chemicals and corrosive agents out of your plumbing system. It does get rid of nearly all of the carcinogenic agents that may be in the water.

According to the CDC reverse osmosis filtration can remove:

  • sodium,
  • chloride,
  • copper,
  • chromium,
  • lead.

Better yet reverse osmosis may reduce:

  • arsenic,
  • fluoride,
  • radium,
  • nitrates,
  • phosphorous.

If your primary concern is keeping chemicals out of your drinking water in Elizabeth City. I recommend going with reverse osmosis filtration.

Ion Exchange Water Filtration

“Remove sulfuric smells and metallic tastes with an Ion exchange water filter.”

If your water comes from Elizabeth City’s water treatment plant, you likley won’t need this type of water filtration.

An ion exchange water filter is typically used for removing bad smells or tastes in the water. Such as metallic tasting water or water that smells like sulfur.

Unless you get your water from a well, it is unlikely that Ion exchange filtration is for you.

The Bottom Line on Water Filtration in Elizabeth City, North Carolina

If you need help deciding which type of water filtration system you should use in your home. Give us a call, and get a free estimate!

“In general, I recommend going with both a whole house carbon based filtration system and a reverse osmosis system.”

This can preserve your plumbing, and remove most carcinogenic additives which may be in the water.

Want to learn more? Check out our infographic on Elizabeth City’s drinking water.

And be sure to give us a call if you need a water filter installed in Elizabeth City or the surrounding areas.

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