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Burst Water Line Repair in North Eastern North Carolina

Having a burst water main is not a fun experience.

Fortunately, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services throughout northeastern North Carolina.

If you are currently experiencing a burst water line, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

You may want to cut off the water if you can! Here is how to cut off your city water supply.

How To Turn Off Your Water Main

If you can, turn off the water! OR, call a plumber ASAP

You can turn off the water at the water meter if you have city water.

Here are the steps to cutting the water off.

Step #1: Locate your meter

Locate your water meter cover and find the cut off valve.

water meter cover and water main key

Step #2: Remove the cover

The water meter shut off valve is located on the cities side of the water line.

locating water meter valve

Step #3: Turn the water off

Turn the water meter off using a water meter key. Your local hardware store likely has one.

How to turn off the water when your pipe bursts

Step #4: Call a plumber!

If you are able to shut off the water, great! Give us a ring, and we would be happy to fix your burst pipe.

What are some common causes of burst water lines?

It’s true, water lines can burst for a variety of reasons. Some of them are preventable, some may be inevitable.

Reason #1: Quest Pipe (AKA polybutalene)

One of the more common causes of a burst water main is improperly installed Quest pipe. Also known as polybutalene, this pipe is notorious for having a variety of issues.

Although it is currently illegal to install, many quest pipe water lines are now failing due to both improper installation, and the poor quality of its design.

Reason #2: Improper Installation

There are a variety of reasons that a water line can burst.

For example, in North Eastern North Carolina, there is a lot of sand. Therefore if your water line was installed with shark bite fittings it may not last very long.

Additionally, a water line that is installed without proper sheathing can burst from vibrating against concrete or cinder blocks around your foundation.

Reason #3: Freezing in Winter

In the winter a water line that is exposed to freezing temperatures may freeze and burst. Though not very common in NE NC, water lines do occasionally freeze here.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to prevent your pipes from freezing.

Tips to prevent your water line from freezing:

  • Ensure your waterline is properly insulated,
  • Run your water every few hours, or leave a sink on trickle,
  • Enclose and insulate your crawlspace,
  • Never set your thermostat under 55 degrees when you leave your home.

Reason #4: Tree Roots

Finally, tree roots are another common cause of a burst water line. As trees get bigger, their roots spread. As these roots spread, they can encroach on your water line and cause it to be burst.

Fortunately, you can prevent burst water lines caused by trees by avoiding planting a tree within 15-20 feet of your waterline.

Replacing a Burst Water Line

Good News! If your waterline burst, it is not the end of the world.

Moreover in the worst case scenario where you have to replace the entire waterline, PEX waterlines can last up to 50 years!

Meaning it is likely to be the last waterline you ever need.

Depending on where your water line is burst, it may be as simple as replacing a burst fitting, but determining the root cause of your water line issue will require giving a call to your local plumber.

The Bottom Line on Repairing a Burst Water Line

In conclusion, repairing your waterline can be a headache.

However when your waterline is repaired properly it can last for many decades.

Look you experience a water line issue don’t hesitate to reach out to Dickson Plumbing or your local plumber to get the issue resolved quickly.

Your water bill will thank you!!

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