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Elizabeth City Drinking Water Containment Information

Whats in your drinking water Elizabeth City?

In this article you will learn what’s really in your tap water.

If you live in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. You may be surprised by what you will find in the municipal drinking.

Simply put, the municipal water you use everyday may not be as safe as you think it is.

Ensuring that you are drinking healthy drinking water, may be a stress relieving home improvement that may also improve your health.

So, what is in Elizabeth City’s municipal water?

Let’s take a look!

Contaminants Found in Elizabeth City's Water This is a list of contaminants found in Elizabeth Citiy NC's drinking water.

What is found in Elizabeth City’s municipal water?

Check this out, Elizabeth city’s municipal water supply services over 18,000 residents.

Yet, according to the EWG health guidelines, Elizabeth City’s drinking water exceeds levels of 7 contaminants.

Always remember that legally safe water, does not necessarily mean safe. These containment levels are considered legal, but may not be safe.

According to the EWG Elizabeth City’s Drinking water was found to contain excessive levels of :

  • Bromodichloromethane
  • Chloroform
  • Chromium (hexavalent)
  • Dibromochloromethane
  • Dichloroacetic acid
  • Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs)
  • and Trichloroacetic acid
According to the EWG Elizabeth City's Drinking water was found to contain excessive levels of :

Legally safe drinking water is a very misleading term. Legally safe to drink, doesn’t mean the water is safe. Each year, 1000’s of new chemicals are developed.

Unlike the germs and bacteria that may be in you kitchen

Determining which man-made chemicals are toxic and just how much exposure may be safe, takes time!

How do these chemicals impact the body? Let’s see!

The Health Effects of These Containment’s

Let me let you in on a secret.

The medical field is all about money!

Here’s the deal, finding the effects of certain contaminates can take years and millions of dollars.

This is not to say, there aren’t many sources of information available.

Yet, for evidence to be conclusive enough to impact a law. It takes a lot of research.

Here is some of what we know:


At elevated levels, THM’s have been associated with cancer and reproductive issues. Absorption of THM’s through thte skin is higher when using hot water. For example, showering and dish washing.


High doses of this toxin impacts on the central nervous system include sleepiness and dis-coordination. The DHHS determined that this toxin is likely to be a human carcinogen.


Elevated levels of chloroform in drinking water over a long period. May damage the liver and kidneys.

Dichloroacetic Acid

Dichloroacetic Acid gets into water systems through the improper disposal of waste from Rx factories. In drinking water. This acid may cause complications during pregnancy and reproductive difficulties.

Chromium (hexavalent)

Chromium-6 was made famous in the film “Erin Brockovich,”. This toxin is an odorless and tasteless metallic element. Studies have linked inhalation of the particle to lung cancer.

What’s the Solution to Cleaning Your Drinking Water?

At Dickson Plumbing we are all about plumbing.

Naturally we would insist that you call us for a water filter instillation.

There are other options as well:

Option One Install a Water Filter:

Whole house water filters are a great choice for combating these toxins in your water. There are a few options. I would recommend are either an activated charcoal filter, or a reverse osmosis filter.

Water Filter 1: Reverse Osmosis Filter

Installing a reverse osmosis water filter is your best bet to eliminate drinking water contaminants. These filters are connected directly to the sink or source you will use them from. Thus they only filter the water that comes through say, your kitchen faucet.

This filter eliminates nearly everything except for a few particulates like vanadium and manganese.

Water Filter 2: Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filters are typically installed as a whole house filter. An activated carbon filter will filter everything that comes into your house hold.

Better yet, this filter can not only eliminate toxins. Activate carbon filters also improves the longevity of your hot water heaters and other equipment. This will prevent those emergency plumbing visits by prolonging the life of your equipment.

Water Filter 3: Ion Exchange Filters

Look, this filter is a great option if you have particularly smelly or metallic tasting water. As for impact on your water. This filter doesn’t not actually remove many of the contaminants.

Option Two Use a Brita or Alexa Pure:

For the value, a Brita or Alexa Pure is a great option. Brita’s and similar activated charcoal filters eliminate a majority of toxins from the municipal drinking water.

Truly, if you can’t afford to make a swing on a whole house filter. Improve your drinking water quality by getting a cheaper activated filter.

Cons of a Brita

Brita’s can not replace a whole house carbon filter. Brita filter’s only filter water from the tap. Brita filters do not preserve your plumbing equipment by preventing build up.

These filters won’t eliminate toxins from your bathing water. They must frequently be replaced.

Option Three Use a Bottled Water:

Simply put, the easiest solution is to purchase bottled water.

By purchasing bottled water you run into other containment like BPA and fluoride.

By reusing and recycling plastic containers you can reduce your environmental impact.

If you choose to go the bottled water route. I highly recommend that you look into the type of water you are buying. And what it contains.

Simply put, municipal tap water may be a better solution than most bottled waters.

Additionally, the cost of bottled water will quickly ad up to the purchase of a whole house water filter.

The Bottom Line

Your best bet is to call us and see what your options are! We are not suggesting that the folks at Elizabeth City’s municipal treatment center aren’t doing their job.

We recognize the legal challenges and financial obligations a city may have.

As a result. Installing. a new water filter can cost a bit upfront, but in the long run. Your body and your medical insurance just may thank you!

Most importantly, a filter may have a huge impact on your health.

Why not consider improving the quality of water that you and your family use everyday? Simply give us a call!

Or call your local representatives and ask them for help to clean up the problem!

Count on Dickson Plumbing. For excellence and professionalism in all that we do!

Elizabeth City Drinking Water Elizabeth City Drinking Water Containment Information How to get rid of contaminants in Elizabeth City North Carolina.

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